Remote Tech Support

Our most popular request is to fix it to where people can access their computers at work from home. This can maximize productivity and save you a trip to a repair shop.

As long as you can access the internet, we can remotely trouble shoot your system and get you back to work.

Click here to download this remote application to allow us to connect to your computer… and we’ll take care of the rest!

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“Time is Money” We understand when your computers are down you are losing money. Count on us to get you back up and running. Between work and life sometimes it is difficult to get your computer in for repair between 8-5.

Anti-Virus Solutions

Most antivirus software on the market is resource intensive, meaning just to have the program protecting your computer slows the performance down.

Avast! protects you from Viruses and Spyware without severely affecting computer performance.

They have several editions to meet your needs and great pricing structure affordable to any solution.

Call for pricing 940-761-4608. Volume discounts available.

Virus and Spyware Removal

More and more computers are being bogged down by spyware. This malicious code can high-jack your Internet browser or worse send your private information across the Internet.

Laptop Repairs

  • Upgrade Hard Disk Drives
  • Upgrade Memory

Transfer Data

Already bought a computer from someone else? Not a problem, we can transfer all of your data and customize your settings on your new computer for you.

Wireless Network

Install the latest wireless networks to make you more mobile. And also install the security needed to keep your network private and safe. Did you know anyone with a wireless laptop can drive around and connect to your Internet Router if it is not secured properly?

Wired Networks

We can install wired networks from scratch or upgrade an existing network to the latest standards. Wired networks still have an advantage over wireless for more bandwidth. Some wired networks are capable of being upgraded to Gigabit speeds without new wiring.